(Aspidites ramsayi)

Tanami Woma

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Woma pythons range throughout central Australia, occurring in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia. They are also known as the "sand python" because of their close association with areas of red sand and spinifex.

Across their range, womas vary considerably in size, colour and pattern. In the eastern half of northern South Australia, womas grow to become well-built, almost unbanded, olive-brown snakes that may reach nearly three metres in length. The animals most frequently seen in captivity come from the southern and central parts of the northern territory. They tend to be a fairly slender, medium-sized python with adults up to about 1.5 metres. Banding and colour varies a great deal across the Tanami Desert down to the sandy deserts around Alice Springs and the MacDonnell Ranges.

We have been breeding womas over the last two decades and have managed to develop breeding colonies from the central Tanami Desert and from the western end of the MacDonnell Ranges near Uluru, or as it used to be commonly called Ayres Rock. Through selective breeding over many generations we have produced a new line of Tanami womas we have called Topaz Tanami womas. We also have other breeding projects underway, but these are still some years away from fruition.

If you click on the pictures above you will be taken to three photo galleries which provide more specific information and pictures of each of these three forms of woma. The fourth photograph above shows the three forms together. Click on this picture and you will see comparative photographs of these three woma lines.

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