Pernatty Knob-tailed Gecko
(Nephrurus deleani)

The knob-tailed geckos are an arid-adapted, terrestrial, Australian, endemic genus. They are a robust gecko with large heads and long slender limbs. The shortish tail is very distinctive, constricted at the base and tapering rapidly to terminate in a unique spherical enlargemnet or "knob".

The Pernatty knob-tailed gecko is a moderately large Nephrurus (85-100 mm) with a very restricted range, only being found in Acacia-vegetated sand ridges near Pernatty Lagoon in South Australia.

The individuals shown here are part of a captive breeding program that has been conducted over the last 3 years. Breeding results have been mixed. We have found the greatest problem has been successfully raising the young to adult size. Our Pernatty's can have up to three clutches in a season. Hopefully, in the near future they will become available to other "geckophiles".

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