Micrurus spixii obscurus

Jono's Notes

Amazonian Coral snake - Two were caught on my phase of the project, an adult and a juvenile. These snakes can be differentiated from mimics by their stunning clean banding and colours all around the body (mimics don't have this), small eyes and a barely visible curved head. Mimics are fairly common in the region. As you can see from the photo, this species raises it's tail as a defense mechanism, originally thought to provoke predators into attacking it's tail rather than it's head. Recent reasearch, however, indicates that the coral snake's strategy may be to confuse the predator by appearing as two snakes, because a study of museum specimens showed almost no tail damage.While deadly venomous, these snakes posses very small fangs and are reluctant to bite. Also, interestingly they strike in a swinging motion.

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