Lachesis muta

Jono's Notes

Bushmaster - This Shushupe, the local name for a Bushmaster, was found in the first quadrat for the night - not bad for a 15 minute walk :-) She was in the leaf litter, coiled up looking like a little mountain. The herpetologist we were working with had caught them before. He disturbed it to get it moving, then grabbed the tail and eventually pinned her head with a jigger that was cut on the spot by another volunteer. As we returned to the lodge, we screamed our heads heads off to announce our discovery, a party ensued, much beer was drunk! This species is the largest of all venomous snakes in the Americas and the longest viper in the world. Two Bushmasters were caught all year, the other was a juvenile... nothing compared to this impressive 2.58m girl we caught! Despite what I had heard of the aggressive nature of the Bushmaster and that they are known to produce an enormous amount of venom , she didn't strike once. She was far more interested in escaping to nearby cover.

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