(Morelia spilota metcalfei)

Adult Male MD

Hatchling Female MD

Adult Female MD

MD Male Head

Hatchling MD's

Adult Female MD

Adult Male GR

Adult GR Head

Adult Male GR

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MD = South Australian Murray-Darling Carpet
GR = Gammon Ranges Carpet

The inland carpet pythons were first classified as a seperate taxon by Wells and Wellington in the mid-1980's and then as a distinct subspecies by the Barkers in their "Pythons of the World: Australia" in 1994. Their main distribution is through southern South Australia, northern Victoria, central New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland where they are strongly associated with the Murray River, its tributaries and drainage systems.

We have found inland carpets in many areas across South Australia, including the River Murray, the Adelaide Hills and surrounding plains, through the Flinders and Gammon Ranges and up to Goyder's Lagoon on the Diamantina flood plains below Birdsville, where they show a great deal of variation in colour, pattern and size.

Currently, we are only breeding the South Australian Murray-Darling form of inland carpet. We have 3 seperate bloodlines and have been breeding these animals every year for over a decade now. They differ subtly from the Victorian inland carpets, having a little more colour in their flanks and slightly paler banding.

The Gammon Ranges carpet pictured above is a wild caught, male animal that has been in captivity for six years now. Up until recently we were unable to find a suitable mate, but this all changed last breeding season (2005) when a clutch of eggs was produced for the first time in captivity. A number of pairs from this clutch were sold through Southern Cross Reptiles in May 2006 and it is hoped that another clutch will be produced this coming season. For more information click here.

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