Corner view showing very robust metal stand construction holding the two upper cages.

Inside view of one cage showing V. tristis basking under a spot light. You can also see an inside view of the perspex doors that open each end.
Side on view of large breeding cages. As we are always working in this room, the black drapes provide some privacy for the animals.

The photographs and diagram show the layout and construction of a large four glass tank unit we have used successfully to breed a wide range of pygmy goannas.

Each cage comes with two removable pegboard lids with ventilation slits and a single screw-in spotlight fitting. Each cage is also fitted with two hinged perspex doors to provide alternative entry points front and back to the cages. The top cages are supported by a very strong steel frame with wooden top so that the cages can be filled with sand for species like the ridge-tailed monitors.

The bottom cages sit on a wooden trolley to increase accessibility. The glass panels on the bottom of the glass cages have cracked from the weight of sand used, but this doesn't affect their serviceability at all. They are very functional and excellent breeding cages.


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