(Morelia spilota variegata)

Adult Female

Adult Male

Adult Female

Male - 2 Years Old

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The Darwin carpet python, or north-western carpet, has the most ringed pattern amongst the carpet python group. The background colour of adult specimens can vary from a medium shade of brown, through a reddish brown to an orange. As they mature, Darwin carpets go through a remarkable colour change. Hatchlings are almost unbanded and a pinkish-red colour. In the wild, adult animals are highly arboreal and in our experience tend to have a more slender and "ropey" appearance than the diamonds and inland carpets.

We have had our captive bred adults for five years now. Originally they were obtained as breeding practice for the albino project. We chose pythons from the vicinity of Darwin close to where Blondie was found because they tend to have the bright oranges which we felt would produce the best looking albino offspring.

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